Frequently Asked Questions

How do I ship my frame to you?

What's your turn around time?

Can you imitate company "X's" work?

Do you do repair work?

Generally, the pistol lower is what the ATF considers the actual firearm. As such, it is necessary to follow federal law when shipping. As a licensed firearms dealer (FFL),  you are able to ship your lower directly to us for work and we can send it directly back. (CA and NY excluded - return shipping for these states must be sent to a local FFL).


When sending pistol frames a non-licensee may not use the united states postal service (USPS). Please use either FedEx or UPS for shipping, although we recommend FedEx as that's been easier for clients in the past. 

Please check with your local FedEx or UPS offices on how they handle such shipments.

Unless otherwise stated, our turn around time is two weeks

Short answer, no. At Get a Grip we respect all those in our craft. While certain features such as the undercut, index points, recessed borders, etc may be similar, we do not copy the overall design of another company.

We have done repair work in the past and will continue to do so only if we are confident in our ability to repair any previous stippling done to the frame. Unfortunately there are some frames that are beyond repair. Additionally repair work pricing may differ from our standard pricing model.

Do you have any discounts?

We do offer a 10% discount to all active duty military or LEO contact us for details.