Single Undercut + Polish

The single undercut is by far one of the most important mods for any Glock owner. It allows for a higher purchase on the frame and makes the grip much more comfortable.

Double Undercut + Polish

Adds a secondary cut under the trigger guard can be stippled to add texture. and allows your support hand the same rise in purchase as your main hand using the single undercut

Recessed Borders

Before stippling, a recessed border is cut to allow for a straighter, and more professional looking stipple.

Finger Groove Removal

For those that don't like finger grooves

Finger Groove Enhancement

For those that DO like finger grooves. Finger grooves are expanded.

Mag Release Scallop

Glock gen 1-3 only. Allows easier access to the magazine release.

Hybrid Bevel

An extension of the single undercut, brings the polished portion down to the first finger groove.

Stippled Beaver Tail

Brings the stippling up the beaver tail

Index Ramps

Other names for this are "Gas Pedals" or "Shooter's Ledge". The mod provides a forward ledge on the front of the frame which can help in controlling recoil and also acts as a reference point for follow up shots.

Laser Engraved Logos

logos placed on both sides. Please send jpegs to

Laser Engraved Logos.jpg

More Examples to Come!