Micro Chainmail

Micro Chainmail is our most recent signature texture that is EXPLODING in popularity. It is based off our OG Chainmail texture but is more designed for Concealed Carry. Although small, this texture locks you into the frame like our more aggressive range textures do but wont tear up your skin during everyday carry. Due too the extra time it takes, this texture has a $50 premium but is totally worth it.

OG Chainmail

 OG Chainmail is our first Signature texture and by far our most popular texture. functions well in almost any situation, carry or range gun. Due to the additional time it takes for this texture, it costs an additional $25

Steel Wool

This is our most popular texture. Most commonly used for concealed carry builds it can be fairly aggressive if requested but generally we make this as a light to mild texture



The Battle-worn texture provides a rugged look, but allows you to have a light to aggressive grip. more commonly used in a range gun rather than for concealed carry.